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Company goals are your employee goals.

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Your company. Your team. Your goals.

Company Goals

You can define company goals or predefined personal goals for your employees.

Agree on some next goals during the 1:1 with your lead and directly reflect it in the app.


Colleagues become buddies

See all your colleagues and add them as Change Buddies if you want.

Working together helps to learn from each other and strengthens the team spirit.

Integrate professional coaches as your company Change Buddies.



Upload some logos and colors, so that the Change Buddy App feels more like your company.

Add own articles and courses which are only available for your employees.

„Wenn wir nicht zusammenarbeiten, werden wir für unsere Probleme keine Lösung finden.“
(Dalai Lama)
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Interested? Contact us!

Drop us a message with your company name, size and a contact we can write back to.

We will setup your company account together and discuss the pricing options.

After roll-out, we are happy to assist or even coach your team internally.

Find your Change Buddy, NOW!
Start your goals together!

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